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The experience gained during our school campaigns, as well as in numerous initiatives organised with the Università degli Studi della Basilicata and with the International Institute Jacques Maritain, has highlighted the need to implement, with the support of national and international experts, training programmes aimed at people who have left school or university and who are interested in learning more about migrant reception, peace, and geopolitical studies.

In 2019, the first City of Peace Summer Camp took place. This is a space that brings together journalists, video-makers, and workers involved in reception projects so that they may devise a new way of telling stories of migration and, in particular, the stories of refugees. Participants come to understand better the world of reception and to establish a productive relationship with the contemporary world in which a migrant should be seen as a bearer of uniqueness and new opportunities.

Please see below the video developed by some Summer Camp participants as a result of a workshop held by the Director Chiara Sambuchi

In May 2020, the online course Rebuilding a Better World addressed some important directions of change and offered a view of the current state of affairs, while trying to catch a glimpse of what, how, and how much our world will change after COVID-19. The online course was developed with the contribution of the Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, of experts from the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health (Dhaka), and of some Italian experts. It aimed at disseminating basic knowledge of social business and at involving students, teachers, and entrepreneurs potentially interested in propagating the social business methodology through information technology.

Please see here a video of the workshops


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