chi siamo w  VISION
 “We help those forced to flee to build a better world.”
 “Faced with the indifference of many, the Foundation works to guarantee reception, protection and integration for people forced to flee from their native land; with passion and experience we help those who come from afar to transform their desire for liberation into a resource for the development of our local areas.”

Respect: to attain proper respect for human rights we believe it is first necessary to recognize migrants primarily as people, each with their own story.
Enrichment: we are convinced that cultural difference is an enrichment factor for everyone and that refugees and foreigners in general, through their desire to improve their own situation, are a resource for the cultural and economic development of our regions.
Peaceful coexistence: we believe that to encourage the integration of migrants it is very important to promote the value of peaceful coexistence of different cultures, especially among the younger generation.
Collaboration: collaborating with other groups and associations is a decisive factor for increasing and improving our capacity to respond effectively to the needs arising from the flows of migration.
Quality: We believe it is necessary to create a system based on diffused reception that will permit the proper attainment of integration into the fabric of local society and prevent social resistance.