The idea of a multi-year project arose from perception of the need for permanent action to raise awareness concerning refugees and provide understanding of how the presence of migrants in a community can become a great growth opportunity for all, in an increasingly multi-cultural context where knowledge and sharing are useful tools to overcome the fear of diversity.

The decision to launch the Videomigrations project comes from awareness that seeing a visual product, whether a film, documentary or photographic reportage, can trigger a process of reflection and arouse empathy, by placing us in contact with the human realities made objective by the images, even if distant, and help to overcome abstract ideological stances.

The first experiment was in November 2012, when two days of continuous films, music and meetings between migrants and local citizens were held at the University of Basilicata. Since then, the Foundation has invited documentary makers and reporters to film forums, exhibitions and seminars for schools and wider audiences.

Over the years we have shown works by: Valerio Cataldi, Raffaella Cosentino, Antonello Faretta, Matteo Garrone, Stefano Liberti, Francesco Malavolta, Antonio Martino, Paolo Martino, Mustafa Kia, Fred Kuwornu, Aldo Pavan, Chiara Sambuchi, Andrea Segre and Riccardo Tappo.