social business  Nobel Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus’ idea of creating an initiative specifically aimed at refugees began on 11 May 2016 in Rome, during the establishment of the FAO-Nobel Alliance for Peace and Food Security.
On that occasion, Betty Williams invited “the banker of the poor” to intervene with an initiative of his own in the Basilicata region to support the reception, protection and integration activities that the Foundation has been organizing for years, both for refugees and for the local populations that receive them.
Professor Yunus accepted the challenge and a few months later started building the project, which also involved the Region of Basilicata and Sviluppo Basilicata, the finance entity for regional development.
In July 2016, the Foundation approved the partnership with Professor Muhammad Yunus, FAO and Sviluppo Basilicata for the creation of the first experimental Social Business, agriculture and microfinance hub in Italy for the accommodated guests and the youth of the region.