We believe that the role of the young generations is crucial to make possible a future without discrimination and to favor the peaceful coexistence of multiple cultures For this reason, since 2012 the Città della Pace Foundation has carried out educational activities aimed at the scholastic world with the program "La scuola per la pace" which involves thousands of students every year, from primary schools to universities, in workshops, seminars, guided tours to exhibitions and competitions.

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From the school year 2019 – 2020 we have created the educational platform migrazione-edu which is an original teaching tool to facilitate access and usability by all the school components of educational and informative material created and tested over the years. You can access the platform with this link The platform provides content that is free from rights and accessible on the internet and is designed for teachers, school administrators, pupils and parents of schools from primary to secondary schools of the first and second degree. With a very simple registration that takes less than two minutes and very little data will be possible:

  • download the educational kit for the 2019/20 school campaign (complete educational video guide),
  • request the intervention of the Foundation's experts in the classroom (both in videoconference and in presence),
  • download useful information and data and links to specialized sites on migratory phenomena,
  • access the archive of all the educational initiatives carried out by the Foundation from 2012 to today,
  • request support for the realization of workshops, seminars, video projections, for the development of original didactic courses on the themes of respect for human rights, migration, etc.
  • upload and share on the platform the original educational products developed by the schools that have joined the educational platform, participate in further initiatives (awards, promotion and fundraising activities, etc.)